Live Worship at FCC Lufkin

We will begin meeting in-person for worship on July 19th at 10am in the Sanctuary. We have limited seating available, so please plan to stay home if you are vulnerable to the virus or uncomfortable being in-person. The sanctuary will open at 9:30am to begin admitting worshippers.

Masks will be mandatory, as will temperature checks and other physical distancing protocols. This will not be a typical service as we have been used to in the past. Instead, it will be tailored to suit the necessary requirements to be as safe as we can be.

If our church leadership feels that we cannot continue to meet safely, we will return to online-only services.

Please note: Even with all safety measures in place and followed, there is still a danger of contracting the virus. If you are at risk or feeling ill, please stay home to keep yourself and others safe.

We will continue to broadcast our service beginning at 10:00 a.m.  To watch the service online, you can follow the link below.

In Christ’s faithful service,

Pastor Jack Knox