Adult Classes

Around the Table

A class geared toward young adults (single, married, with or without children). This class will follow the same Bible story themes as the Preschool and Camp Disciple classes.

 Ernest Medford

This class has a good time together. This group encourages all to participate in class discussions. Mostly couples over age 60 participate in this class.

 Faith Seekers

A class centered around personal faith journeys and ways to deepen your spiritual walk with God. Study and discussion is usually focused on a scripture based book. Adults age 35+.

 Fellowship Class

An in depth Bible study which discusses how scripture relates to our lives today and helps us grow in our faith. This class is comprised of singles and couples age 30-70.

 Friendship Class

This class is a group of older men and women.


This class uses curriculum to interact with one another and grow in God’s Word.


A couples class (some singles) which use discussion from various studies to guide their lives by Biblical principles.


This class is Interesting Talk about Intriguing Topics.  Current events and the Bible shape conversations.